Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Photographer In The Making

I LOVE to take pictures all the time. And when I take pictures, I don't just take one or two, I take WAY more than necessary. For example, I want a picture of my kids. There's usually several different poses I'm trying and 7 or 8 pictures with each pose. Seriously, you might think these kids would be blind and/or hate when I come even close to a camera, but as for now, they love it. My husband on the other hand, he gets a bit bored with it. LOL!

My family isn't all that I take pictures of. I'll take pictures of just about anything, but other than my family, it's usually nature, animals and architecture. I live in Savannah and there is an abundance of all that here. I'm i heaven every time we venture downtown.

I am definitely an amateur photographer and have a lot to learn. I am constantly trying to find new tips and tricks to make my pictures look great before editing. I also have recently gotten Photoshop, which is a bit overwhelming at the moment. There is so much you can do but it's figuring out the best place to start.

I sat down a few nights ago and thought about how would I keep a log of everything I learn. Then it occurred to me....start a blog. It would be a great way show my progression and maybe one day share with others what I have learned and how I started. Of course, if any readers have tips and tricks about taking pictures or photo editing I am all ears.


  1. Awesome Sabrina! I always said I think you should take some classes. you have an eye for this :) Love you guys and give everyone hugs and kisses!

  2. Thanks Jan! I really hope this helps me do even better