Monday, October 3, 2011

Finally Chose A Photo Class

After doing lots of research, I have finally decided on where I want to take my first online class. I have decided on Better Photo. I read many reviews that praised the site and the classes. Better Photo has over 80 classes to choose from. At first I was a bot overwhelmed and wondering where should I begin. I finally decided on one of their Certified programs. I chose the most basic program, Certified Better Photographer, since I have a lot to learn and what better place to start than with the basics. You can purchase these programs as a package for $1437, but if you can't afford that all at once like me, it tells you what courses you need to take before taking the certification test, so that you can take them when you have the money or time. The advantage to purchasing the package is that you are able to take the test for free, where as purchasing the classes individually, you will have to pay $150 to take the test. I admit, I wish I could pay for the package all at once but since I can't afford it all at once, I am so glad I have the individual option so that I can still complete the program.

Tonight I have signed up for my first course and will start on Wednesday. My first course is Learning To Shoot Inspiring Images. It is a 4-week fundamentals course and I can't wait to get started. I will do my best to post my progress each week and let you know how I like the class. For now, I am off to do my first pre-assignment and check out my Lesson 1 preview!

Have a great night everyone!

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